Huîtres Bechemilh-Lauby

Les Belles de Cordes… born of the sea and human passion.

Huitre-Belles-de-CordesPackaging Belles de Cordes

Rope-grown oysters…
well born and well raised.

Les Belles de Cordes are as beautiful and special as their name suggests. Growing uniquely flavoured oysters to this generous size involves a meticulous process. The happy outcome of an original cultivation method unique to the Atlantic coast, Les Belles de Cordes are the focus for painstaking care and very close attention from our teams.

Selected uncompromisingly for their consistent size and potential to develop the perfect shape, these oysters are carefully attached to ropes at the age of 10 months, and spaced at the correct density for optimum growth. Living and growing in a generous space protected from predators, their nutritional environment is perfect for their development.

After finishing, sizing and final cleaning, Les Belles de Cordes are revealed as oysters of beautiful depth, superb quality and rich flesh and flavour.