Huîtres Bechemilh-Lauby

Huîtres Bechemilh-Lauby…
united by a shared passion.

Bechemilh-Lauby tells us its family history; a story of a passion shared by four generations of oyster growers who continue to uphold the finest values of a profession that is both noble and challenging in equal measure. Oyster breeders, growers, finishers and shippers Alain Lauby and Julien Bechemilh – the directors of Bechemilh-Lauby – share the same taste for excellence and accomplishment as all their teams. Every day, their energy, attention to detail and sensitivity are focused on the cultivation of a living product that is a generous, but demanding, gift of nature.

Passionate about their Charentais and Breton shores, proud of their extraordinary craft, and conscious of the responsibilities involved in working in such a stimulating but fragile world, the men and women of Bechemilh-Lauby are living proof that passion remains the most powerful and appealing life force.